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Partner up, sell more.

Sqwad enables like-minded digital brands to thrive from each other’s audiences. Boost brand awareness and lower your acquisition costs.

Icon - New customers, lower costs
New customers, lower costs.

Boost your brand awareness and get exposure to new customers without spending a single cent on ads.

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Exclusive acquisition channel

Convert high-intent customers by cross-selling and cross-advertising with like-minded brands.

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Your brand, your terms

Nobody knows your brand better than you: decide partnerships on your terms.

Join our community of D2C brands

Find your match

Pick your next brand partner based on shared values and audience overlap.

"Generating traffic through like-minded brands recommendations is a very innovative idea. We immediately loved the solution and we already have promising results."
Marion from Osco
Profile picture from customer Marion
"We are very happy with the ease of use of the app and the quality of the partnerships! Customer support is excellent. They have been very responsive and insightful. We are excited by what's coming!"
Amelia from Smoon
Portrait - Amelia from Smoon
"Customer acquisition costs were on the surge over the past few years. Sqwad provides us with a great way to diversify our acquisition and lower our CAC. The app was quick to set up and the team is always highly responsive. Our first results are very promising. We believe in the future of partnerships, we are excited to see what's coming!
Fulbert from Atelier Particulier
"Brand partnership is a strong way to acquire new customers, just look at all the collabs! With Sqwad, we can target loyal customers from like-minded brands, and this with lower acquisition cost compared to the regular paid marketing."
Juliette from Krème
Portrait - Juliette from Kreme
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Brand partnership reinvented

Discover e-commerce brands you want to collaborate with

Find partners that share your values from our collection of curated brands. Handpicked by our experts to guarantee a perfect fit.


Sell at scale,
with zero effort

Set up new brand partnerships easily, and put your product in front of high-intent customers in partner stores.


Keep a pulse on your partnerships and lower your acquisition costs

Track the performance of your cross-selling campaign. Acquire unique and unprecedented customer insights.


Explore our products

Post-purchase recommendation widget

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Convert high-intent customers just after they’ve purchased from a partner’s store. Participate in powerful cross-selling campaigns with the click of a button.

  • Participate in cross-selling campaigns

  • Lower customer acquisition costs

  • Boost brand awareness


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Sell more, sell everywhere.

Do you want to increase your distribution channels by selling products on partner sites? Become a Sqwad Supplier.
Do you want to upsell to your customers with relevant products from brand partners — all within the same web environment (no page redirections)? Become a Sqwad Distributor

  • Distribute your product more widely with like-minded partners

  • Expand your product categories

  • Boost your sales with zero additional acquisition costs

Our mission
Building online neighborhoods, brick 
by brick.

Since Apple’s iOS update, social media advertising has become more expensive and less effective. 

But when D2C brands partner up, they lower their acquisition costs by cross-selling to a larger audience. 

Stop competing for diminishing returns. Pick your Sqwad, grow together.

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How do brand partnerships lower my customer acquisition costs?
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Exchanging visibility with partner brands allows you to build brand awareness with high-intent clients and convert new customers. In other words, you diversify your acquisition and distribution channels with zero ad spend.

How do I install Sqwad?
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We developed an easy to install Shopify app. With one simple click, you can plug our app into your existing store and start unlocking the power of brand partnerships.

Who can join Sqwad?
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Sqwad is a curated community of Shopify brands. Our team picks the best brands across all categories, guaranteeing a fit in terms of brand values and identity.

I am already partnering with brands: how can Sqwad help me?
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Track the performance of your brand partnerships and run strategic campaigns at scale. Privacy-friendly and 100% GDPR-compliant.

Does Sqwad impact my website's performance?
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Yes, but only by boosting your sales ;) Our app integrates seamlessly with your website and doesn't slow down performance.

What is the Sqwad story?
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Sqwad was founded in 2021. We are a team of developers and marketers who want to reintroduce the principles of commerce, collaboration and neighborhood shopping to the digital era. Our offices are located in Paris.